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Quake style


When I decided I wanted explosives in my game, I asked myself which video game grenade did I enjoy the most. Immediately, Quake came to my mind. I loved so much the brown and red art direction and Trent Reznor’s music was fitting perfectly. The grenade launcher was spitting grenades making those metallic sounds and bouncing everywhere, meaning death for the devilish mobs.

Ok, so my game is not about exploding zombies but I tried to find the same feeling that the Quake grenade. Its oblong shape has some interesting features :

  • Random factor : you never really know where the grenade will bounce. Maybe to your target, maybe in your face.
  • Convenient : it’s not rolling all over the level (vs. circle shape).
  • Fun : it’s just fun to watch it bouncing.

All together, it makes things interesting gameplay-wise.

Grenades will be vital during your journey. You can use it to destroy enemies but it’s smarter to keep them to clear access to secret room filled with goodies.

The question now is : rocket jump or not rocket jump?

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  1. 02/12/2011 19:03

    y aura des ennemis ???

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