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At last, the first informations about our game : Space Disorder

Space Disorder

Noah rescuing an alien

We are pleased to give you the first official informations about our game : Space Disorder!

Help Noah the astronaut to rescue all the aliens abducted by evil robots across the universe in this survival platformer.

– Bite-sized oldschool platforming gameplay with cute HD graphics
– Control Noah’s jetpack and fly with one finger
– Rescue more than 30 funny aliens and take care of them in your Space Ark
– Survive through randomly generated levels for infinite replayability
– Invert gravity and launch grenades to get access to secret areas and destroy your ennemies
– Switch and avoid red and blue lasers to discover new paths and power-ups
– Collect coins to upgrade power-ups and buy equipment
– New planets and aliens will be added through regular updates

– Right now, all the gameplay mechanics are implemented. The game is largely playable.
– We are now in the process of producing the contents (level design, graphics) which is what we do most of the time.
– There is also some work for balancing item spawning and level difficulty.
– We still have all the menu screens to produce and this is a lot of stuff to do.
– We asked a freelancer to produce the music as we don’t have the skills in-house.
– But we still need to find a solution for the sound FX. If you can help on this, please contact me.
– Of course we have all the marketing material to do, especially the trailer which is a priority.

Starting now, I will post a lot of content and informations about the game. So follow us on Twitter to get updates.

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